JULY 2013

18th July - There are a whole pile of concerts in IRELAND and FRANCE just added to the gig page. If you heard "if we can't be together" on RTE Radio this week, here is a link to purchase it, also it is on itunes, instores, and all the usual places. melaniehorsnell.bandcamp.com/track/if-we-cant-be-together-2 and a live recording from Hamburger K├╝chensessions

4th July - THE NEW ALBUM IS OUT! I'm also heading to IRELAND for concerts!! (and then back to France in August)
Mon nouvel album "dans la mer aussi il y a des étoiles" sort le 4 Juillet en Europe! Disponible sur itunes et en vente à la Fnac etc.
"C’est en harmonie que la blonde bohème australienne se déplace à travers le monde avec Gypsy et Harmony. Trois anges que la Bourgogne, point de chute européen de l’artiste, accueille régulièrement l’été. De ces voyages, une sincère complicité avec la France est née, d’où l’idée de Melanie de produire un album de chanson en français. Elle avait pris les devants avec une version de la séduisante « I just want some love » dans la langue de Molière, que l’on retrouve dans une version plus folk ici. L’album dans son ensemble est d’ailleurs empreint de saveurs acoustiques. Brian Campeau, producteur canadien exilé à Sydney, a produit les chansons aux Plex studios. Il s’est chargé des guitares, mandoline et création des « wonderful sound » - comme le son d’un battement de cils par exemple -, qui s’infiltrent dans le répertoire. Alain Rivet a co-écrit la plupart des textes en français, Helena Noguerra co-signant celui de « Ton Pyjama » et Marc Sapolin la chanson « Bourgogne Dis ». Deux reprises emblématiques figurent au programme : « La Vie En Rose » et « La Mer », ainsi que le sublime « Somewhere Over The Rainbow » interprété en duo avec Brian, qui reste dans sa langue d’origine, tout comme « On The Day It Begins » et « Salmaise », la chanson du nom du village Haute Côte d’Orien, qui sont elles aussi en anglais, parce qu’écrites par la chanteuse. Un très bel album dont la douceur poétique révèle les chaleureuses nuances d’une détermination artistique très personnelle, par laquelle l’héroïne démontre que, si dans la mer aussi il y a des étoiles, la vie est une grande réserve d’espoirs et de bonheurs. L’énergie voyageuse singulière et de Melanie Horsnell est particulière et sans faille, une sirène que rien n’arrête, du moment qu’Harmony et Gypsy l’accompagnent!"

JUNE 2013

Finally in France, and playing a few shows in and around Paris, as well as writing in Flavigny, Check out the Shows page.. playing with some lovely Parisian Artists including Cox and Kenna, and Thomas Brun.

MAY 2013

ON TOUR IN GERMANY AND THE NETHERLANDS! check out facebook to follow the adventures, great gigs and its fantastic to have Lena from the Vondo Machine with me on the tour!

APRIL 2013

I have finally finished recording my french album! Brian Campeau and I started in December.. small steps over the months.. and ta da! I just received back the masters, and I am so proud of it! I'll let you know the release date soon, but the album launch will be at the Fete de la Musique in Montbard, France on June 21! have a look at my tour dates page too.. we are on the road again, Germany and Netherlands in May, France in June and Ireland July. See you soon! I'm also playing the gorgeous festival "four winds" in Bermagui this week, and a pretour send off gig at the Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney on the 24th April.


I have recorded some new songs with Heath Cullen in his little studio in amongst the trees and mountains.. sounding sweet..


My Album "the cloud appreciation society" has been nomintated for an AMP Award (Australian Music Prize). Such an honour to have it on the list! "Deceptively simple, unadorned songs. I love the clarity and perceptiveness of the lyrics. They are like snatches of conversation between intimates (the listener and her) rather than mere poetic fancies. The recording, the songs themselves, her unpolished delivery - it all exudes naked honesty. Isn't this what all art should strive to achieve?" The 2013 AMP AWARD.


We have returned from what feels like a giant tour of europe, giant in the sense it was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun and i learnt so much! Touring, writing, looking after a 2 and 4 year old on the road.. what an experience and only one i could learn from by throwing myself into it... the same when it comes to writing songs in french, another learning experience.. Thank You Alain and Helena, and all of Flavigny, Montbard, Salmaise for helping me on this road. What an amazing place to be. So now we are back.. I am slowly typing something of a story or blog to share (as well as the usual things you do after being on the road for six months, like pay bills, figure out where on earth you are, those sorts of things..) and well, yes we are back on the road again too with one in my home town Candelo in November, some S.A gigs and Western NSW in December and then Queensland it up in January. See you on the road. and then.. well look at my gig list to see but i'm back out there with a new french album to come in May/June. Lots of love.. xx


We have had a month and a half in france, and now have come across to the UK - a little rest before the Netherlands tour. I have recorded 4 songs in Flavigny and have sent them to be mixed, there are more to come, Alain Rivet and I wrote 6 and 1 with Helena Noguerra and a few extras along the way.. we'll see what happens. I absolutely loved france, my french is better, people are amazing, thanks to all our hosts and people we met on the way who helped me with the music, the language, the kids, the cd, accomodation, transport. What an absolutely amazing bunch of people you are. Travel is true inspiration.


BONJOUR! We are in france, staying in Blois, I have written 4 songs.. a good start! We go to paris today and head to marseille on tuesday.. playing a couple of great venues (see gig page. really cool different spaces!) and also writing there with Alain Rivet. Then back to Les Laumes/Salmaise to meet some more musicians, and play some concerts.. keep up to date on facebook! xxx

JULY 2013

Thank you to everyone who made my pozible campaign succeed!! we depart australia today, for france, to make an EP in french, to play concerts, to tour europe! I'll keep you all updated on the adventures on facebook, please join in! xx

JUNE 2013

Today i've launched my Pozible campaign, to raise funds for a french ep recorded in France and for my Europe tour! Thanks for your support, lots of cute and fun rewards!

MAY 2013

Melanie is currently on tour with her new album "the cloud appreciation society". See Show page for tour dates, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane and then heading north through some intimate Queensland shows. Send a facebook message if you would like Melanie to play a house concert near you.

APRIL 2013

Melanie is currently on tour with her new album "the cloud appreciation society". See Show page for tour dates, this week there will be the Melbourne show at The Wesley Anne with Vic Farrell on Saturday 6th, and on Saturday 13th Melanie will perform at The Candelo Village Festival, a gorgeous day of great entertainment in one of the most beautiful valleys around.. Listen to PBS radio this thursday at 10:15am for a chance to hear melanie live on air.

MARCH 2013

Melanie will be performing her new album with guests Adam Pringle, Kade Brown and Tim MCartney at The Vanguard, Sydney on Thursday 28th March. She'll also be performing on 2SER at 11am as a guest of steph stenhouse. and on Tuesday 26th on radio FBI.

8th FEBRUARY 2013:


The Cloud Appreciation Society is the poignant new album of acclaimed Sydney- born songbird Melanie Horsnell. Five years on from her celebrated album Complicated Sweetheart, this new offering shares heartbreaking songs of small town love and loss written in Candelo, her new home beneath black mountains. The Cloud Appreciation Society glows with an acoustic stripped-back sound and is intermingled with Melanie’s quintessential starry-eyed voice, lyrics to die for and a delicate but timeless presence, which has made her so adored on the scene.

Hear an interview on ABC South East with Bill Brown, Melanie talks about her new album. Click image.

28 JANUARY 2013:

What lovely shows to play last week! With such beautiful musos! And we had a surprise bonus support at the Sarah Blasko, Darren Hanlon, now I am addicted to his songs... Looking forward to the release of my album on the 9th Feb... There will be more shows to announce soon, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane as well as some regional on the way, keep posted by joining my mailing list or facebook.
Keep an eye out for this record!

THE CLOUD APPRECIATION SOCIETY will be available 9 February 2013

15 JANUARY 2013:

A great big pile of gigs coming up next week with two of my favourite artists. Tuesday and thursday i'll be playing shows with Canadian Chris Assaad in Sydney and the Bega Valley (for tuesdays house concert please email me or message me on facebook for details), and on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January I'll be playing support for Sarah Blasko at Candelo Town Hall. Also the album is now ready for print and will be released february. Keep up to date on facebook or twitter.

THE CLOUD APPRECIATION SOCIETY will be available February 2013

26 NOVEMBER 2012:

This december Melanie will be releasing a compilation of sessions recorded while performing at the Excelsior in Glebe - 2000 to 2005.  Demos and unheard recordings.